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This community's basically for anyone who wants to trade their thrift store apparel or anything else you wish to trade (mix tapes, cds, etc.). There should be no exchange of money and no selling of things...

Rules list:

1. There can be no exchange of money from either parties.

2. Neither I nor livejournal.com is responsible for any bad trades, but if anyone does not complete a trade, then email me and i will block their membership... hopefully I wont have to do that...

3. Members should be be courteous and nice and such... be good to each other.

4. If you want to just mail stuff for free to people, thats cool too, you dont necessarily need to get stuff in return...

5. If you complete a trade with someone, you should stay in contact with them and such... all completed trades should be recieved within a week from each other, unless both of you agree to something else.

That's all the rules for now... I'll add more if I have to, but I hope I dont have to...

[P.S. It would be a lot cooler if when you're posting stuff to trade you put a pic up of what you're trading... there's nothin worse than getting something in the mail that you were sure was something else... but if that happens, you could always post it back up here for another possible trade...]